Math In Action

Each team received 30 bricks and 25 pieces of candy, and the instructions below.  They were given about 30 minutes to work.

Each team will build a structure with the bricks and sticks allotted to them.  Your structure MUST be built on the cardboard foundation.  You may trade candy for bricks if you need/want more bricks.   Team with the highest score wins!  See pricing and scoring guidelines below:


Height  (4 inch minimum)  – 2 points for each inch above 4

Openings (windows/doors- must be at least the width of a brick) – 2 points each

Wind (fan) – 5 points

Earthquake (shaking your foundation) – 10 points

More bricks:

1 brick = 1 piece of candy

10 bricks = 8 pieces of candy


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